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Install Mdk3 di Ubuntu 14.04 (LTS)

This day I wanna show you how to install mdk3 on Ubuntu 14.04.
What mdk3-v6 do:

  • Bruteforce MAC Filters
  • Bruteforce hidden SSIDs (some small SSID wordlists included)
  • Probe networks to check if they can hear you intelligent Authentication-DoS to freeze APs (with success checks)
  • FakeAP - Beacon Flooding with channel hopping (can crash NetStumbler and some buggy drivers)
  • Disconnect everything (aka AMOK-MODE) with Deauthentication and Disassociation packets
  • WPA TKIP Denial-of-Service
  • WDS Confusion - Shuts down large scale multi-AP installations
First get last mdk3 version:

tar xvzf mdk3-v6.tar.gz
cd mdk3-v6

Now get patch and patch Makefile:

sudo apt-get install patch
patch Makefile < mdk3-v6.patch
rm mdk3-v6.patch

Now install mdk3:

sudo make
sudo make install

Now start mdk3 from terminal (to see all options):

sudo mdk3
calipow , now you can use mdk3.
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